Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Frisbee Golf

Frisbee Golf - 4, originally uploaded by jonoliver.

i think i had heard of frisbee golf but i was definitely not familiar with it's level of establishment. dale took me to an 18 hole frisbee golf course and produced "driver" and "putter" frisbees from his trunk. when i was impressed, he was quick to tell me that he was on the low end of the enthusiast totem pole and that people regularly show up with a custom bag of 16 frisbees of varying calibers...whoa.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Dale's Deck - 2, originally uploaded by jonoliver.

I'm down here visiting my friend Dale. He has a one bedroom apt with an enormous living room, a walk-in closet (a closet half the size would still be "walk-in") a parking space and (private 2nd floor) back deck for $650/month. We finished the night with some pink lemonade, crickets and conversation on his back deck...with a dramatically cloudy sky to heighten the drama.


Virginia Beach - 26, originally uploaded by jonoliver.

Went swimming last night at Virginia Beach and the ocean seriously felt like a heated pool. I've never felt ocean water that warm. There was a full or near full moon and no seaweed, jellyfish or unidentified things brushing up against my body. It was in my top 10 water experiences and I love water experiences so that's saying a lot. [more photos here]

Chelonia Hip Hop

Newport News, VA - 23, originally uploaded by jonoliver.

one of the women who worked in this store came out to ask if she could help me when she saw me taking pictures of the store. when i said no, she asked if i worked for "the complex." i actually went in when i was done shooting and chatted them up. they wanted to know what was so interesting and in somewhat diplomatic terms i told them that while i was sure that they didn't have that many options to customize the outside of their "hip hop store," its manicured strip mall location couldn't look more suburban and thought some people i knew might find it a little funny.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Live From Newport News, VA

Newport News, VA - 5, originally uploaded by jonoliver.

I actually intro'ed taking this guy's photo by saying: "hey, i'm visiting from new york and taking pictures of stuff that could never happen there're it."

Thursday, August 23, 2007

blue moon

Brooklyn Borough Hall - 10, originally uploaded by jonoliver.

i wish this were moonlit but it's not.

Fratelli Ravioli

Fratelli Ravioli - 7, originally uploaded by jonoliver.

pumpkin ravioli is back in season

pay phone

Bergen 2-3 Subway Stop - 3, originally uploaded by jonoliver.

this new camera can make anything interesting...

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

for a good time call...


furniture store in tribeca

tribeca - 3, originally uploaded by jonoliver.

when a sign just won't do...

fu shou funeral product, LLC

china town - 36, originally uploaded by jonoliver.

leela james show

Leela James - 24, originally uploaded by jonoliver.

i posted a set of pictures i took with my fancy new camera of leela james' free show in harlem on 8-11 on flickr.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

riverbank state park

riverbank state park - 34, originally uploaded by jonoliver.

this one is looking south from southern-most part of the park, which is built out into the river on top of some sanitation facility or something like that...makes for nice views though.

riverbank state park - 43, originally uploaded by jonoliver.

also from riverbank state park

my favorite photo of the day

riverbank state park - 24, originally uploaded by jonoliver.

this is my favorite photo from my 4 1/2 hour bike ride all around upper manhattan. this is taken in riverbank state park.

united church - rev. ike

united church - rev. ike, originally uploaded by jonoliver.

"come on in or smile as you pass"

i think that this is hilarious for some reason. this church is somewhere near 175th and broadway.

w. 112th street block party

i ventured out on my bike saturday with my brother's fancy camera in search of who know's what...and i only had to go one block before coming up a block party which featured a highly choreographed dance routine to george kranz's "din da da." this was the joyous aftermath.

Friday, August 10, 2007

buildings i want to live in #2

452 Riverside Drive - 5.jpg, originally uploaded by jonoliver.

following up on this post below, here is another nyc building i would love to live in. i don't know if the architecture style is french or english or what but i love it.

it's on riverside drive around 117th street (there are no cross streets between 116th & 119th) which also gives that area a particular uniqueness.

452 Riverside Drive - 6.jpg, originally uploaded by jonoliver.

west 111th

west 111th - 1.jpg, originally uploaded by jonoliver.

the day i moved into my apt last year, i met a woman who lives in the house two doors down from this one. these three houses are the only houses on the block (the rest are big buildings). she told me how her mom had bought the house for next to nothing through the city on the condition that she fix it up. it looked pristine so i asked how had it looked before she started and she pointed to the house in the middle (which looked pretty much like this house). about 6 months into living here, the house in the middle transformed in a what seemed like a few short weeks. this is the last hold out, but someone just set up a wood construction wall in front so my favorite weeds won't be around much longer.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

one of the great joys of my first summer without a day job is lasker pool across the street in central park. i let all of last summer pass without swimming in it but i've gone 2-3 times each week that i've been in town so far this summer. i just discovered that they have adult-only lap swim from 7-8:30 at night. this photo is right after they opened at 11:00 a.m., the pool fills up with kids as the day goes on and they usually spill into/run across the one lap lane that's available during normal hours.

follow the leader

canadian geese in central park

730 minute express photo lab

i guess this is the most inexpensive way to let your customers know that you no longer offer half-hour photo now offer 12 1/6 hour photo processing. 630 would have been 10 1/2 which is a little neater but who's counting i guess...besides me.

cathedral parkway subway "token booth" that there are no more tokens for the clerks to sell, i guess they have a little more time on their hands...

Monday, August 06, 2007

con ed ... "on it"

con ed - 2.jpg, originally uploaded by jonoliver.

con ed drilling outside my window last night at 2:00 a.m.

fort greene park

this is the "soul summit" house music party that happens in fort greene park some sundays in the summer. it's starts at three and goes until 9:00, this was near the very end.

smith street

Smith Street - 7.jpg, originally uploaded by jonoliver.

this block was pretty clean except for these excessive "rubbish removal" signs...

baltic street

i think i might do a series on all the buildings in nyc that i want to live's #1.

(Baltic between Hicks and Henry, Brooklyn)

riverside park

Riverside Park - 2.jpg, originally uploaded by jonoliver.

i've biked to/through riverside park twice in the last week and i hope i can motivate to keep going every week until it's too cold.