Saturday, July 28, 2007

overheard on 110th street

i passed a black guy the phone with a sympathetic party, talking about a third party:

nah! here's what i'm gonna do:
legal! ... paper!
(lowers his voice a little): white man paper
you overstepped your bounds!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

w. 103rd street station

103rd street 1 station - 1.jpg, originally uploaded by jonoliver.

i wish more stations had this much natural light.

queens cemetery

queens.jpg, originally uploaded by jonoliver.

i like how this shot turned out (it was taken from a moving car), especially the sky and the plane.

williamsburg - 3.jpg

williamsburg - 3.jpg, originally uploaded by jonoliver.

is this williamsburg...or florida?

central park - bethesda terrace

Central Park - 1.jpg, originally uploaded by jonoliver.

"On March 2, 2007, the Central Park Conservancy reopened Bethesda Terrace Arcade after completing an intricate restoration. The Arcade is a richly decorated component of Bethesda Terrace, and now the treasured Minton tile ceiling has been preserved and reinstalled. The tile panels were removed from the Arcade in the early 1980s and put into storage because their backing plates were severely corroded from water infiltration. To restore the tiles, the Conservancy employed a team of seven conservation technicians who cleaned and repaired about 14,000 original tiles by hand. Only three panels were needed to replace badly damaged ones.

The Arcade’s ceiling is made up of 15,876 elaborately patterned encaustic tiles, handmade by Minton and Company, a leading 19th century ceramic manufacturer in Stoke-on-Trent, England. The Conservancy commissioned Maw and Company, Minton’s successor, for the project. To ensure the tiles will not suffer future water damage, the Conservancy also restored the Arcade’s infrastructure. The final phase of the $7 million project includes the reconstruction, waterproofing, and repaving of the upper terrace plaza and the 72nd Street Cross Drive above the Arcade."

Central Park West and 88th Street

on my way to central park summerstage...the sky looked so dramatic that day.

bk bridge at dawn 1

Brooklyn Bridge at Dawn - 8.jpg, originally uploaded by jonoliver.

looking to the manhattan bridge from the brooklyn bridge at dawn

bk bridge at dawn 2

Brooklyn Bridge at Dawn - 2.jpg, originally uploaded by jonoliver.

they recently repainted the walkway on the brooklyn contrasts the grandeur well.

long shadows

My Block - 14.jpg, originally uploaded by jonoliver.

i've been spending a lot more time on my fire escape this summer which has made the days and nights much nicer...i love the long shadows that happen in the evenings.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Temple of Heaven - 46, originally uploaded by jonoliver.

it's been a looong time since i've posted here. i had big plans to blog a lot about my trip to china but it's come and gone and my 900 picutres seem like a de-motivator...soo, i'm going to just post this one and leave this link to the 133 photos that posted on flickr. i wrote short stories and descriptions on quite a few of the photos to be sure to look on the individual photo page for the one's that catch your eye.

this way i can hopefully get back into the practice of posting, but i'm going to start with the stuff i've taken since i've been back.