Wednesday, October 10, 2007

open house new york

St. John's Cathedral - 3, originally uploaded by jonoliver.

i was pretty half-assed about getting out to open house new york venues this year. i went to st. john's cathedral which is about five blocks away. i could probably go anytime but i know that they usually hit you up for a pretty hefty "suggested donation" and i thought this would be a good time to go and skip that (cheap, i know). i went at 2:30 with hopes of catching the 3:00 "vertical tour." when i asked, i was informed that the tour was limited to 10 people...TEN people. if you aren't familiar with the scale of open house new york, you can easily wait in line for 2 hours to get into someone's house...much less st. john's cathedral.

the next day i arrived at the arch in grand army plaza an hour and a half before they were scheduled to stop giving their version of a vertical tour and i was told that i was already too late.

this is one of my favorite shots from the lobby of the williamsburgh bank building (one hanson being converted to condos).

One Hanson Place - Brooklyn - 9, originally uploaded by jonoliver.


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