Wednesday, October 03, 2007

you know they're ready when...

Värmland - 41, originally uploaded by jonoliver.

got to meet the "neighbor" who lives on the other side of the lake from fanny's family's cabin. he was driving away from his house when we met him but was all too eager to show his recent hunting kills. he drove back up his curved driveway 300 feet in reverse and produced these birds from a sack in his shed.

when we asked him why they were sitting in his shed in a bag he replied that they were old birds and they needed to sit for about a week for the meat to become tender. we asked if the birds started to smell after a week and he replied (i kid you not): "yes! that's when they are ready - when they smell and...when they drip from the bottom." (complete with "ass dripping" hand gesture - the pause was only to make sure he was translating/explaining it properly).

Värmland - 58, originally uploaded by jonoliver.


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